the nude by the door

When you use your own apartment as a studio,
as I did back in the ’80-ties, you have to sacrifice something when it comes to backgrounds.
Especially when the place you are living in is very, very small and there is little space left to express your self.
On top of that I had an unusual tight relationship with the model.

"the nude by the door"

“the nude by the door”

The title for this photograph is what it says, «the nude by the door».
No deeper meaning, I just happen to like the picture. Hope you do too!

The model is Grethe

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Some pictures haunts me

I made this photograph in 1978 but for some reason I tried to make the picture «better».

"the Late Show #1"

“the Late Show #1”

We worked hard Gunn and I, but regardless how much we tried, nothing good came out of it.
I tried to make a silk screen print and somehow it worked. Still I wasn’t satisfied.

At last, a finished copy of "the Late Show"!

At last, a finished copy of “the Late Show”!

In 2001 when I went to school and learned Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator I finally got the picture «right». The title came out of nowhere and I must admit that I don’t remember why it was called «the Late Show».

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First edition

I have never written a book before. Not that it is so much writing in this one. The pictures are the main thing.
Working alone, as I do, is risky.
«Kill your darlings» is an old saying. Indeed that is right!

One of many out-takes from my project ...

One of many out-takes from my project …

My wife has never met AnneGrethe and she has never seen all the photographs that I have kept. So one day she came in to my study when I was working and asked me who the person on the screen was.
«AnneGrethe» I said.
«But she do not look like AnneGrethe» she answered me. «She look just like an ordinary girl».
That describes my situation right now.

I have to choose among all those pictures.

And that is hard work!

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