Now my brother lays upon the rocks

He could be dead,
He could be not,
He could be you …

It took a while to figure out

These lines from the song «The Bewlay Brothers» from David Bowie’s fantastic album «Hunky Dory» (1971) inspired me to make a portrait of one of my own brothers.
I have tree of them …

I do believe that i could be a fashion designer.

I made this in a combination of «Adobe Photoshop» and «Illustrator» and it was quite difficult to get the face right. It was in the beginning of my «career» with «Illustrator» so I strove to get the face as I wanted it. The picture was quite fun actually, I was very satisfied with the dress …
My brother does not like it (I think), but he does not like any picture of himself.
Since this is digital art and not a photograph it had to have a title. For some reason I ended up with some lines from one of Leonard Cohens poems;

«You tore your shirt
to show me where
you had been hurt
I had to stare»*)

Now both David Bowie and Leonard Cohen are dead, 2016 was a sad year when it came to music. The songs and the poems will still live though and give both joy and inspiration to generations to come.
I was quite lucky to get to hear them both live.

*) Leonard Cohen – «The Energy of Slaves»
First published 1972 «Jonathan Cape Ltd» London, England


Satin, silk and beauty

I do think that I am still trapped in the end of the ’70-ties
when it comes to photography.

When I did a commercial job it was not the clothes that played the important part.
It was «the feeling» about them …

Satin, silk and beauty

Satin, silk and beauty

When I finished a secession I started a new one.
I «destroyed» the models make up and I played with the lights and the clothing
merely as components in a puzzle
than making a «good» picture.
I have always loved beauty.

Not beauty in the usual way,
not the prettiest star,
but the expressions in the model’s face.

The burnt out highlights, the shadows in the fabric and
the glow in the model’s eyes.
All the lines that build up a well made photograph.

Kari is the model for this picture.
She also celebrates her birthday today!

So let us celebrate with her. Happy birthday Kari 🙂


the nude by the door

When you use your own apartment as a studio,
as I did back in the ’80-ties, you have to sacrifice something when it comes to backgrounds.
Especially when the place you are living in is very, very small and there is little space left to express your self.
On top of that I had an unusual tight relationship with the model.

"the nude by the door"

“the nude by the door”

The title for this photograph is what it says, «the nude by the door».
No deeper meaning, I just happen to like the picture. Hope you do too!

The model is Grethe