High-quality Visual eBooks


When you deal with photographic or other visual art, to make eBooks, it’s easy to forget that your works’ quality depends on which standard you crave. The internet standard on 72 PPI is common for most ebooks, but if your book is a photographic book or any other visual media, 72 PPI is far too low!

I released my first eBook “When the Crowd Cries” in 72 PPI, and my second one “The Man Outside the Window”.

Last spring I remade both books to 150 PPI, and my customers reacted very positively on the change. The problem though is that the file size increased dramatically! I don’t think that Amazon and Apple would have accepted these files. It doesn’t matter.

I sell my books only from my website, CryCrowd Books. Now I have decided to make my books in 72, 150, and 300 PPI. And, there is another aspect that is worth noting. Computer companies, and especially Apple, are developing better and better iPads. I make the same demands on myself as Apple does on its computers! Sometime in the spring of this year, both my books will be ready in updated versions.

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