High-quality Visual eBooks

Which is better, an eBook or a printed one?

I can understand that many authors chose eBooks instead of a printed issue. If you are an author without any publishing deal, an “indie author”, as we say today, you may think of the costs instead of the quality when you decide.

I don’t read eBooks. I prefer the printed ones.

When it comes to visual books, photographic or other media, the ebook’s quality is far better than the printed book!
The only print media that can compare with eBooks might be gravure printing, the costs and not least the circulation’s size out of reach even for the big printing houses. Photographic eBooks have a much higher quality than the offset printed book.

Being an offset printer myself (a retired one), I admit that the eBook is the winner.

If you have a magnifying glass, you could check the print. If you do, it’s easy to see the difference.

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