A windy & sunny day in June

Monday this week I didn’t feel for doing anything at all, so I grabbed my camera and drove into the inner city on my electric wheelchair.
The sun was shining as it has done for the last three or four weeks, not my ideal weather, and not exactly any good conditions for photographs. Anyway there was this cool breeze from the north, but that didn’t stopped me from being sun burnt …

The house beside the red one was my first house, and the loft became my first studio

I think that I have written several places that I don’t feel comfortable doing «street photography». In fact, I feel a bit embarrassed when someone «sneak their way into my photo lens».

This street stretches from south to north, I have lived in many places around here

From south to north in the old part of Bergen there is a height «Nygårdshøyden». The University of Bergen occupy much of this area. I have lived there for many years, in different parts.
Only a couple of 100 meters from the centre of the town.
I love this part of the city, but it is not the right place to live when you are disabled …
We drive trough it though, as often as we can 🙂

Our famous music pavilion in the city park

There is a lot of green areas in our town, and a lot of flowers. This is early in the day so there is not so many tourists.
I must admit, being a studio photographer, it is kind of fun acting as a tourist in my own hometown. 🙂

A windy & sunny day in June
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