Bergen in May

Bergen is called «the port to the fjords» and indeed it is!

The town is famous for the rain and the first thing the tourist do is to buy rain clothes! Often, like this year, they become a little disappointed though. The sun has been shining brightly for many weeks, and it seems to go on …

We get visitors from all over the world and sometimes there are too many cruise ships in the harbour. So many that from this year on it’s limited to only two ships at the time.

Bergen is beautifully situated in between the seven mountains that surround the city.

Even if the town is quite large, the center of the city is charmingly small.

Visit us and take a look for yourself!


View with the mountain “Ulriken” in the background



Grieghallen plays an important role in Bergen’s cultural life



The Japanese cherry trees are everywhere
Bergen in May
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