High-quality Visual eBooks


I was only 11 years old when I started to work in John Griegs Forlag (John Griegs Publishing House). Dating to 1721, it was the oldest publishing house in Norway.

The company consisted of two parts, a publishing house, and a printing house. My father was in charge of the printing business, and that’s why I got the job, I guess.

The publishing house consisted only of three people; Nils Moe Nilssen, the owner, Miss Schønberg, his assistant, and the second in command.
And then it was me.

I was only allowed to work during the school holidays, of course.
Later, it was unexpected that I dropped out of high school and got a graphic education as an offset printer.

I also worked with fashion photography, and some years ago, I decided to publish two photographic eBooks.

Trained in Adobe Photoshop and all the other Adobe programs, it was evident that I did all the work myself.

One thing though, people tend to forget that a photographic or visual eBook has to be updated “all the time.”

I will explain this later on my “Bandana Blog.”


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